How can You Earn?

You can earn with us once you become a member through a new concept of marketing which has been labeled as network marketing. Network marketing which is also known as Referral Marketing involves the use of the already existing customers to sell out the products/services to their contacts.

For our case, we offer Digital Solutions such as Web Design and hosting, online systems design and digital marketing. Once you register as a member you will be able to access materials which will help you to market our web design services. Remember that you do not need to have any ICT skills to market our web Design services.

At entry level you will be treated as entry level marketer and you will be able to earn 15% for every customer who buys our web design services. Since our system allows our members to borrow short loans, your loan limit will at the same time be increased by Ksh. 500.

Once you get three customers who we will have successfully designed websites for, you will be promoted to a premium marketer. At this point, your commission will increase to 30%-this implies that you will earn 30% of the web design fees. At the same time you will be able to refer new marketers to our website using your membercode as the referral code. If these members whom you have referred to our website gets web design clients and we successfully design website for such clients you will earn an additional 5% of the web design fee.

We do not hold the funds which you have earned unjustly. We make a point of releasing the funds which you have earned on weekly basis. The minimum amount payable is Ksh. 500.

We as well advise you to take advantage of the materials on financial growth which we will be sending to you over email and also which will be found on our members only interface. These materials, we believe, will make you develop your financial blueprint which is necessary for financial success. At the same time, materials for personal development and marketing which have been tested for their effectiveness and custom-made will also be made available. Hoping to see you at the top.

See how you can grow

Suppose you have managed to become a Premium Marketer and you have garnered 10 entry marketers under your name. Suppose these 10 marketers make 10 businesses with us each worth ...just say Ksh.15,000, you will earn 5% from each.

Meaning that you will get 5%X10X10=500%
That is 75,000 with little sweat... and remember once you become a premium marketer, there is no limit to the number of marketers you can invite.

Good idea up there...but Where will I Get these web design customers?

This is a frequently asked question by most of the beginners.

But the answer is simple...Think of churches especially those in towns, companies; especially start-ups, University C.U's and evangelistic teams, schools, Lecturers who want a system to upload course materials for their students or just a personal website, Blogs for those who want to express their ideas and opinions online...The list is endless. See,... all these are possible customers who can earn you that much needed cash.

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Why Become a Member?

There are several benefits which you will derive from registering as a member.

  1. You will have an opportunity to earn 15% of the web design fee for every web design client you refer to us.
  2. Unlike other borrowing platforms; here at Ncenafi your credit worth (Amount which you can borrow from us) will be pegged on the number of web design customers who you have linked us with.
  3. The money earned will be disbursed on weekly basis meaning that we will not hold unjustly the money you have earned.
  4. The minimum payable amount will be Ksh.500. meaning that you will not take long before you receive your first pay.
  5. There is no annual registration fee. The membership is free. Thus you do not need to pay anything to access our online personal financial development materials alongside other services such as online member forums which we have incorporated within the system.
  6. You will also have access to numerous materials both online and through e-books which have carefully been selected to build your financial intelligence and catapult you to success.
  7. We will share stories of success of our members who have achieved feats of success and thus help you with practical steps which will ground you on the foundation of success.

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How it Works

To join us you need to go through the registration process.

At this stage of registration, you will be required to provide simple details to identify you but see to it that the email and the phone number are correctly entered. The email will be the primary communication channel between you and us while the Phone no. (M-pesa enabled) will be used to release the money earned or the money you have borrowed (For cases where you borrow money from us).

The next stage of the registration will require you to answer simple questions to help us determine your elligibility as a marketer. Hitting submit button will successfully sign you in as a member. (At this point it is good to advise you to remember the email and the password which you have used since you will use the same as your login credentials once your membership has been confirmed)

You will then be issued with a member code which will serve as your unique identifier. With these you will be set to start your journey to financial growth. For every web design client you bring to us you will earn 15% of the total web design fee and your loan limit will likewise be increased by Ksh. 500.

The payments will be disbursed on weekly basis. See you at the top.

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Our Vision:

To be the best company to offer personal development and financial development services here in Kenya and across Africa.

Our Mission:

To provide the necessary avenues for personal and financial growth and empower Persons to realize and actualize their God-given potential.

Strategic Focus

Our strategic focus is on the youths who habour dreams of success and self actualization but have not found the necessary channels to release this God-given potential. Our company thus offers the best platform where the youths can expand and grow both financially and personally. This will equip the youths with the necessary tools needed to confront the challenges which have for long grappled the economies of the emerging countries.

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