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Ncenafi Networks is a company based in Kenya with the aim of providing the necessary catalysts which individuals need for personal development and financial independence. These two tenets; personal development and financial independence, are tied to one another such that one cannot address one tenet without touching the other. It is a well-known fact that most Kenyans struggle with their finances and even a bigger percentage live below the poverty line. These individuals lack the power to liberate themselves from such chains of poverty. Another second biggest percentage of Kenyans live not in poverty per se but struggle on how they can raise the necessary financial capital to secure their future financial lives and even benefit the posterity.

Here at Ncenafi Networks, we provide the informational content needed to achieve personal and corporate financial success by focusing on personal self-development. We also provide a fool-proof method where those who want to accumulate the necessary capital to start their businesses (whether small or big) can start from. We achieve this by providing access to online materials which help members fine-tune their money blueprint and work towards financial independence. At the same time we provide online platforms where members can share challenges, their successess, and what they have learned while on their path to financial independence.

We also achieve this by rewarding our members, who also double as the marketers for our products, with 15% for every business we make through their own efforts. Their loan limit is also increased by Ksh. 500 for every successful sale we do through the efforts of such a member. The premium Members/Marketers have a higher commission of 30% and also earn 5% for every product sold through the efforts of those under them. The marketers/members can request individual loans or team up with several members and request a bigger loan-The group loans are meant to help our members start their own business enterprises.

This arrangement which we hail as the Ncenafi Way has been shown through research to bring mutual benefit to both the members and also the company.

Thus by buying any of our products you help us empower more youths financially.

Our Products

Website and Online Systems Design

We develop and host websites and other online systems.Our members act as our direct marketers and are rewarded with commissions and increased loan limits.

E-Commerce Systems

We develop e-commerce systems to enable businesses conduct their businesses through the internet.

Digital Marketing

We help businesses increase their sales by helping them reach a bigger clientele, strengthen the relationship with existing customers and increase lead conversions.

Cyber Security Solutions

We offer web security solutions for organizations which are keen in protecting their data and their systems from unauthorized access and other forms of cyber attacks.

Business Development Solutions

We work with companies to help them identify, analyze, and serve their customers and prospects more effectively.

Personal Development and Personal Finance Services

We offer personal development materials and personal finance materials which we believe that if well utilized will help our members grow their income and gradually but surely achieve financial independence.

Why Become a Member?

There are several benefits which you will derive from registering as a member.

  1. You will have an opportunity to earn 15% of the web design fee for every web design client you refer to us.
  2. Unlike other borrowing platforms; here at Ncenafi your credit worth (Amount which you can borrow from us) will be pegged on the number of web design customers who you have linked us with.
  3. The money earned will be disbursed on weekly basis meaning that we will not hold unjustly the money you have earned.
  4. The minimum payable amount will be Ksh.500. meaning that you will not take long before you receive your first pay.
  5. There is no annual registration fee. The membership is free. Thus you do not need to pay anything to access our online personal financial development materials alongside other services such as online member forums which we have incorporated within the system.
  6. You will also have access to numerous materials both online and through e-books which have carefully been selected to build your financial intelligence and catapult you to success.
  7. We will share stories of success of our members who have achieved feats of success and thus help you with practical steps which will ground you on the foundation of success.

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How it Works

To join us you need to go through the registration process.

At this stage of registration, you will be required to provide simple details to identify you but see to it that the email and the phone number are correctly entered. The email will be the primary communication channel between you and us while the Phone no. (M-pesa enabled) will be used to release the money earned or the money you have borrowed (For cases where you borrow money from us).

The next stage of the registration will require you to answer simple questions to help us determine your elligibility as a marketer. Hitting submit button will successfully sign you in as a member. (At this point it is good to advise you to remember the email and the password which you have used since you will use the same as your login credentials once your membership has been confirmed)

You will then be issued with a member code which will serve as your unique identifier. With these you will be set to start your journey to financial growth. For every web design client you bring to us you will earn 15% of the total web design fee and your loan limit will likewise be increased by Ksh. 500.

The payments will be disbursed on weekly basis. See you at the top.

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Our Vision:

To be the best company to offer personal development and financial development services here in Kenya and across Africa.

Our Mission:

To provide the necessary avenues for personal and financial growth and empower Persons to realize and actualize their God-given potential.

Strategic Focus

Our strategic focus is on the youths who habour dreams of success and self actualization but have not found the necessary channels to release this God-given potential. Our company thus offers the best platform where the youths can expand and grow both financially and personally. This will equip the youths with the necessary tools needed to confront the challenges which have for long grappled the economies of the emerging countries.

Terms and Conditions

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